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paypal-transparent-300x225Many people are over this week have told us that PayPal has changed, and now SandBox tutorials that we are no longer valid, and you needed American PayPal account.Let’s shed some light on all this, and explain some changes in PayPal Developer.

PayPal is developing new APIs , more powerful, using REST technology, and new [def] SDK [/ def] for mobile applications. For now, to test these tools are in beta, necessarily must have a U.S. PayPal Business accountThroughout the year we will expand to other countries.Meanwhile, we do not have U.S. account, we can still use the [def] API [/ def] we’ve been using so far, not going to eliminate time.

When changing force PayPal API, developers notified in advance to adapt their products. This will not happen soon, because, they say, have no currently scheduled date to stop supporting the classic API.

Sandbox PayPal accounts must import to our PayPal account . It can be done easily from the «Sandbox Accounts» in the new PayPal:

paypal developer


Clicking on «Import Data» in the blue box comes out, we see a popup window login credentials with our Sandbox. This will import the accounts that we had there.

Remember that whatever is REST APIs can not use it for now (except that you have a U.S. account), although the options are integrated into PayPal Developer Panel.

Soon will update the tutorials Sandbox PayPal IPN and to adapt to the new PayPal Developer Beta.Meanwhile, I hope that this translation of the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) of PayPal you might help:

What’s new for developers?

The new website for developers is a single place to find the tools, information and resources they need to build innovative applications. The developer’s website provides the following possibilities that make it easier and faster for developers to integrate PayPal on a website.

  • REST API : We are adding REST API (currently in beta) incorporated modern technology and standardized as OAuth and JSON for our developers in the U.S.
  • Vault : Our REST APIs now allow secure storage of credit cards, and increases the safety of PCI services.
  • Lower rates : Developers pay 2.9% + $ 0.30 per transaction using REST APIs. Also available volume discounts.
  • PayPal Mobile SDKs : We are expanding our mobile SDK. Customers do not have to leave your application environment to make payments. You can click a PayPal button or scan a card using technology decrédito
  • A developer account : Login integrated with PayPal to make navigation between sites simplest PayPal.

PayPal migrate? Classic all REST APIs?

PayPal will provide REST API for all major possibilities. We will provide more information along this year. While working on the development of REST APIs, will continue to give full support and improving our classic API .

How much time you will give support to classic API?

For now, there is no date to eliminate classic API . We will continue to support and improve them where necessary.

At some point, the new REST API will replace the Classic . I’ll let you know the changes with time and will provide resources to help you migrate to the new API.

I’m using the PayPal API in the old version of Sandbox. How does it affect the new web design?

If you are unhappy with your integration with PayPal, you do not have to change anything . You can import existing data and continue using the classic API .

You can start using the new REST API when you want *. As we add more REST APIs, provide migration tools and documentation to help you wring the most of new APIs.

Where are my old Sandbox test accounts?

We Sandbox your existing data. Amounts just need to link them to your PayPal account. Import your Sandbox account in Sandbox Accounts page. Use your old login Sandbox to import the data.

Who can use the APIs and SDKs?

You need to have a U.S. business account or work for a U.S. company able to use our tools beta. For now, we are updating our classic API and SDK libraries to use the new REST APIs. These are available for developers and beta APIs and SDKs.

If you are in a country where PayPal is available , you can use our API SDK Classic and Classic APIs.

What country is PayPal?

You can accept credit cards and PayPal purchases in more than 190 countries. Also, you can pay in your preferred currency. You can see here a list of the countries where PayPal is available .

If you are in a country that supports PayPal, you can use our API SDK Classic and Classic APIs. Right now, only U.S. Business accounts can use the new PayPal Mobile SDK and REST APIs.

I’m a developer from outside U.S. How does it affect the new web design?

The new REST APIs and SDKs for PayPal Mobile only available in the U.S. market today. During the rest of the year we will expand to the rest of the world.

If you have PayPal Intregrated your site using the classic API can still use them. You can also import existing Sandbox. Import your Sandbox accounts from Sandbox Accounts page. Use your old login Sandbox for importing.

You can continue using the Classic APIs for new integrations. If you have a PayPal account, you can create a new business account for your country .

So States need a PayPal account to register?

To accept payments using PayPal’s new Mobile SDK and REST APIs, currently demand a U.S. Business PayPal account But be careful, will qualify soon support other countries. Remember that many countries may continue using the Classic APIs.

What are the rates of PayPal?

Rates vary by country. To Purchase Payments, including payments processed using PayPal Mobile SDKs or REST APIs, PayPal U.S. charges a 2.9% or less, plus $ 0.30 per transaction. There are volume discounts. No setup fees or cancellation. PayPal is free for buyers. You can read more aboutPayPal fees here .

Do I have to worry about compliance with PCI standards?

All merchants and developers that process, transmit or store credit card data must comply with the data security standards of the Payment Card Industry (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, or PCI DSS). All payment solutions offered by PayPal respected PCI standards.

If you use our REST APIs for direct processing of cards, you need to validate your site against the PCI-DSS standards . There will be times when you may ask for your compliance with PCI standards.

If you use PayPal Mobile SDKs for direct processing of cards, you need to follow the instructions of PCI Mobile Payment Acceptance Security.

How do I get my money?

Make sure you have your bank account associated with your PayPal Business account. The money from your transactions can be added or removed from the bank account associated with your PayPal account.

When will my money?

You can quickly access the first $ 5,000 of credit card payments you process over a period of 7 days.Additional payments will be available after 7 days.

For more questions, go to our developer resources .

* U.S. only

«Standards are always obsolete. That’s what makes them standards » 
     – Alan Bennett

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