Technical Error Unable To Load Form to create an account on Prestashop

prestashopfailIt’s really scary to be doing testing, and suddenly we find a «Technical Error Unable To Load Form» to create a

new account in Prestashop. Obviously,prevents people register , which prevents a new user can buy products in our store. If we are not aware of this problem in time, we can lose many sales .


So, if you are the administrator of a Prestashop store, do the test if you can create a new account through the front-end. If instead you get here because you can not register in a store because of this error,promptly contact your administrator of the store, it has a serious problem and does not know.


The problem is that no authentication module redirects correctly to where it should redirect, failure to use Ajax. The solution is to modify a template file. No need to know programming, just include a chunk of code that we are going to give us.


Connect via FTP to the server where we have our store and navigate to the folder that we have active theme Prestashop, inside the themes folder. For example, if we have the default theme, we must enter / themes / default. Once there, open it with a text editor (note that sometimes this file extension is associated with PhotoShop) file authentication.tpl .


We look for a line:


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Dont show the line, where i can find it? Please help. I have an authentication error and happens when the client wants to create an account. I have read many possible solutions and I could not fix mine The error is: TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to load form. Details: Error thrown: [object Object] Text status: parsererror For more details of the problem I went to the Theme folder, authentication.js made a change on the line 82: error = "TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to load form.nnDetails:nError thrown: " + XMLHttpRequest + "n" + 'Text status: ' + textStatus; to error = "TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to load form.nnDetails:nError thrown: " + errorThrown + "n" + 'Text status: ' + textStatus; And the mistake was more explicit, the result was as follows: TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to load form. Details: Error thrown: SyntaxError: Unexpected token < Text status: parsererror I appreciate the support that this community has provided, and that helped me solve many cases. Only I could with this problem and I'm a little stressed. Thanks

don't show the line