Differences between Magento and Prestashop

Differences between Magento and Prestashop

Differences between Magento and Prestashop, I begin this article noting that it is not my intention to address these 2 CMS for online store. I just want to note the differences I found between the two systems after working with both more than 1 project .. Let’s start by giving a brief explanation of prestashop which was the first system that I began to ride online stores (remove joomla virtuemart +)


Prestashop is mounted on PHP, the database used is MySQL and Smarty templates is fed (through which the system is lighter). The basic features we need to mount prestashop are:

  • Servidor Linux, Unix, o Windows
  • Apache Web server
  • PHP 5.0 o superior
  • MySQL 5.0 o superior

Sif you go to the downloads section you can download the latest version available, here’s the first good thing of prestashop and is updated quite the core, they usually do 1 time a month or so. Once you have downloaded is as simple as uploading files to the root of your server or folder.

Then put on the url of your site www.yoursite.com and guide you through the installation, you must have previously created a database in mysql to do the installation, will you pass parameters and go. At the end of the process colocáis www.vuestrositio.com / admin and tell you that you must delete the install folder and rename the admin folder, then as easy as this and then enter your administrator folder. We have now installed prestashop .. What advantages or disadvantages I see him at prestashop?


  1. Easy to install and totally Free
  2. Community wide, stable and with many free modules
  3. The administration is intuitive and easy to manage, for advanced computer users you can create a low profile to manage the catalog and doing very well.
  4. Many free and paid templates.
  5. Very easy to enter and configure new languages ​​translations from the administrator.



  1. No multi-store. This for certain projects is a major handicap, I guess not take long to realize and provide this utility. (Corrected from version 1.5)
  2. The product catalog in some ways is not as professional as it should. Here we simply compare with Magento that my taste is more intuitive and robust.
  3. Poor statistics system, we return to the same comparison with Magento is clearly unfavorable for prestashop.



Same as prestashop Magento is built on PHP and has its MySQL databases. To download magento first thing to do is give a brief explanation of the 3 versions available:

EE -> Enterprise Edition (  And charges in consultation with them to assess )

PE -> Profesional Edition (payment 3000$/year )

CE -> Community Edition (normal ) Here an explanation of a forum I’ve found it pretty good and enlightening that you have each other but can not remember the link of the forum, if the person sees it please contact the reference due to the forum in question:


SIf your business model of your ecommerce is based on some of the features that are not in EC as loyalty points, gift cards, store credit or private sales and unlimited so if I recommend using a version that includes PE or EE . Significant differences or appreciate us more of these features mentioned in the Enterprise: Log administrative actions: For many businesses have a very detailed history of all activity in the manager has a great great value. Knowing the who, when, how and where. Advanced caching system: From my point of view, this is what U.S. has more value. It is a caching system much faster and achieves advanced increased to 10 times the speed of response of the page.Assist in the purchase process for customers: A customer service agent can go hand in hand in the customer buying process remotely. For many businesses it has high value to make much more sales and enable the customer to buy only the first time. In conclusion, the difference between CE and PE are: loyalty points, gift cards, advanced encryption and store credits Having seen this we will analyze the Community version, and she said that the installation is not simple, but before the discharge can do desde aquí.And should be the installation as simple as prestashop, but I have to say that personally I was so simple, I think the 4th got that there were no error with the connection of the database, but once ready, I realized the various hacks on the corresponding files and from any facility here will make me perfect. Now we go to the sales and disadvantages of Magento:


  1. Allows multi-store. This is very interesting for online stores that have multiple providers of the same products with different waiting times, for example, I can say I differ from a same catalog number of independent stores. It is very useful
  2. Comprehensive statistics system. It is extremely retailer can control virtually everything about how users relate to purchases of course, besides taking reports of virtually everything.
  3. Connecting to openerp. If you need an ERP system is also connected to the online store and perfectly timed combination OpenERP – Magento is brutal.
  4. MagentoConnect. If you go to a section of your administrator enter a url that you have searched in the web de extensiones de magento and just copy and paste already installed in your store because the truth is very comfortable.
  5. Well structured catalog. It is also robust and a very professional interface.



  1. Almost all modules are extra good. There are quite free, but if that is considerably smaller than the number prestashop.
  2. The installation of the language is more tedious. And it’s not as easy to manage afterwards.
  3. Community rather sparse. Here as before compared with Prestashop for me much better.
  4. Templates with little change even for payment. There is much variety as with prestashop.
Well up here today, I hope to have helped someone decide or have created more questions!
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Rubén Muñoz

Sure, Magento is a great solution for online store, but it is not the only one, Prestashop is another good option. Regards.


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