Congratulations, you just installed WordPress ! You can use the CMS currently covers 16% of Internet web pages ! What you probably do not even know, if you’re new to WordPress, it comes with two plugins in your installation: Hello Dolly and Akismet .

If we look forward to WordPress greet us with a famous phrase in English in the upper right of the administrator, can activate Hello Dolly, but today we are here to explain the importance of Akismet and why you should enable and configure it properly.

You just started your website, and if you use it as a blog, you might want comments. Comments positioned very well. But I’m sure I do not want spam. These robots comments viagra selling websites promoting gay and scantily clad ladies. No, that is very ugly.

Well, this is where acts Akismet: against Spam comments . Configure it will take us only a few minutes, is completely free (unless you want to donate or hire a more powerful), and then gives us the reassurance that yes, perhaps brew some comments from time to time, but 99.9 % ends up in your spam filter .

Update (09/Mayo/2013): Looks like they changed the system a bit. Now you are asked access (or create an account if you have not) before the step of choosing a plan, and the forms have changed a little over the screenshots there, but yes, the process continues remain the same.

Spam is going to end! Configuring Akismet

So let Plugins, seek Akismet (the first by the A), and activate it and we get this message:

Screenshot 15.02.2013 to (s) 08.47.24

My what of what? do not be scared, Akismet is a WordPress external service actually, and you to use free or paid, so when you register, you will generate a key that must be entered in the program. So click on ” You must enter your API key “, and we see this screen.

Screenshot 15.02.2013 to (s) 08.49.38

Now press the button of ” Get your key “, we redirect you to the Akismet page, which will press the big blue button that says” Get an Akismet API key and say goodbye to spam “.

Here comes the important thing. If you choose one of the payment options, go ahead, but I’m going to follow the path free.

Screenshot 15.02.2013 to (s) 09.35.45

We see that we have three plans: Enterprise , Pro and Personal (and also one even more professional,high volume , on the bottom, but still expensive). Enterprise and Pro are monthly payment, the first for which has many sites, and the second for non-personal websites. The last, Personal, we see that brings 0-120 dollars annually. Then hit him and we see the following screen:

Screenshot 15.02.2013 to (s) 08.58.04

Akismet requires that we account at, so we click and we create an account if you do not have one. It is a quick check, just ask us our email and password. After creating the account (or to log in with an existing one), see the following message:

Screenshot 15.02.2013 to (s) 09.02.13

Obviously, we have to click ” Authorize “.

Now is when we are going to ask if how much money we donate annually to Akismet. We set the bar to 0 (or not, but that is up to you), fill the data and continue.

Screenshot 15.02.2013 to (s) 08/09/23

The next step is to wait patiently until we get an email in the next minutes. Do not worry, I will hope.

… Already? Well, now, in this post, we will see a text like this:


Your Akismet API key is: XXXXXXXXXXXX

Please keep this private, treat it like a password.


We copy the key and enter into the setup screen Akismet WordPress we saw before, click on Update Options, And presto! Now we are protected against most Spam .

That said, even we can sneak some, but very rarely. We can configure Akismet to automatically delete the trash Spam more than 30 days.

If you have any doubts, you can consult in our comments. But none of Spam, we have active Akismet!:)

“In two years the problem of spam will be solved” 
     – Bill Gates, 2004

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