Characteristics and uses of WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Prestashop

Characteristics and uses of WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Prestashop

WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Prestashop. Well once the previous article on the advantages and disadvantages between magento y prestahop, I’ve been bitten by the interest in an article describing the characteristics and different uses from codigonexo do with the different cms we work.


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It is probably for us the crown jewel, the cms with the most work and we know best. Joomla offers a powerful manager where you can develop all you want, is certainly not very intuitive for a user level, but the ability and power that offers developersmakes it possible to project complex and large capacity.


  • Extensive community, in many languages ​​and very active. Web ->
  • Extensions for all, thanks to the community that we mentioned earlier, we have everything imaginable and if there can be created, among other things that are us 😀 Here is the url
  • Power for complex web applications, we can say that drupal provides the foundation or support to create any type of online application, from a user community, a manager of videos or anything you can think of.
  • Variety of templates and easy to tweak or create from 0.
  • One of the weaknesses in my view is that there is no full component of securities for sale products online, virtuemart is a world where not getting better…
  • Able to do anything thanks to its solvency and more than acceptable learning curve.


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Although newcomers to user look like wordpress cms systems only serves to make a good blog, is much more than this. WordPressgives us many possibilities and its structure is powerful, versatile and easy to use.


  • Free heretofore unsuspected, even within the administrator have a tab to download and install plugins directly (magento has something similar, not at all equal)
  • a true system of community open source open, for the other cms people are much more «commercial» wordpress retains the aroma of a large community of programmers helping.
  • Intuitive interface, very intuitive I think. It’s easy, friendly, visually appealing and does not lead to confusion, and with this very powerful.
  • Very easy to administer for proper SEO
  • Multi-lingual, highly connected and oriented social networks.
  • You can create your «shelter» great plugins that perform functions that have nothing to do with a blog, using also that if we have this feature in terms of positioning as well.
  • Templates well developed and not just blog as we say, if not full Web, well-defined structures
  • Like joomla case the only weakness the ecommerce, extensions exist but are far from prestashop or magento, you can still connect to them.


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To me prestashopalways gave me very good impression is worth to mention that the last cm of online stores that had touched was oscommerce, and clear after that everything can be improved, and more so when one finds prestashop, good, nice and cheap … although not as much lately :P.


  • An interface «Pyme» and of course you will say that SME is an interface for my project is to conduct a Small – Medium in terms of an online store and also refers to providing customer site structure for him to complete, meaning that you can give the application a user name and password and he alone is about to do anything. So because of this is easy to use user level.
  • Another interface is that it is quite friendly to us may too, and we do not allow many modifications as joomla, but hey we’re not talking about the same type of system.
  • The templates are made ​​with Smarty system, learn and later!
  • It is very easy to develop modules, Not that anything can be done, but it is intuitive to create the necessary tree for the Model controlling all views needed for the module.
  • There are many free modules before were now to prestashop addons page, are less, but the 2 parts that touch us, it’s good to develop a place to sell our developments. Though this clashes somewhat with the philosophy of WordPress, but they are comparable systems.
  • The cms is French, and good in principle but this would not necessarily be a feature, I indicate that in case of Barcamp and Exhibition and other catches closer than North America.


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  2. Web Extensions –
  3. Or community Web forum –

And here is the last of the challenges I’ve faced, learn magento, I have some time with him and several systems installed, the first thing to know about Magento is that it looks «Commercial» and although there is a community version for large companies obviously a good solution are the professional or enterprise versions.And we’re talking about many products. Here we will certainly fall into a more direct comparison with prestashop, as happened in Article difference between prestashop and magento.


  • The magento admin interface is very … to see the correct word to define this .. ¿Professional? could be but no, I would say right, is well-ordered to have a traffic flow of information.
  • The statistics are excellent and easy for you to create reports and export them, very useful to present balance sheets.
  • The templates are not very varied but they are very easy to modify, a unified CSS, wonderful!. Phtml files are easy to access, use and modification.
  • Excellent how to manage extensions with magento connect. But it is easy to upgrade the entire core.
  • Very good integration with paypal and also most Google applications.
  • The system administrator is very comprehensive and covers much more than Prestashop.
  • Poor community in terms of content and if many unresolved issues.
  • Slow to load it I have not placed in prestashop, but almost could say the same but magento is even slower because it uses more resources.
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I'm curious to find ouut what blog system you are utilizing? I'm experiencing spme minor securuty problems with my latest site and I would like to find something more safe. Do you have any recommendations?